Thursday, March 1, 2007

a cold and sullen winter

Tomorrow is going to be a Big Snow Storm for the whole state. I’ve already stated my intention of staying home from work if the storm is particularly fierce and, in preparation, have been to the yarn store to pick up just one more skein of yarn. It would be very difficult if – in the middle of a Big Snow Storm – I ran out of yarn and I had to wait until Saturday to get it.

I put down my green linen shrug momentarily to start the little Anthropologie-inspired sweater and am now almost finished knitting it. I would be finished, except that I can never leave a good pattern alone and have now decided to make it longer and give it ¾-length sleeves. Its very beautiful, and I think I’ll make another one in Coral. I so wish I could show you a photo…but I probably won’t get my computer fixed until April at least.

It is cold. But why do I call it sullen? Because it hangs around slouchingly with its hands in its pockets and Just. Will. Not. Leave. Even though it's obvious by now that Winter is not at all interested in any kind of fruitful relationship. Winter, take your sullen self off and let Spring make its offers now.

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